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Concession Stand

Please read the Concession Stand Policies and Obligations below before signing up for Concession Stand or Field Work volunteer hours.

Concession Stand Policies

  • If you do not register for a time slot before Uniform Pickup day, you will not receive your child's uniform. There will be an opportunity to sign up for your slot on site at Uniform Pickup.
  • Workers can be any representative age 16 and older.

We will once again require a check deposit at uniform pickup day to help urge families to show up for their scheduled time to work. Many may not agree with this tactic but please understand when you do not show up, the program and the kids are the ones who suffer! We know that this does not apply to the vast majority of volunteers and do appreciate all those who are understanding and give their time freely.

  • The checks are per family and should be made out to PBS Concessions, post date it August 15th
  • The checks will be shredded when you work your designated shifts, failure to work them will result in the check being deposited.
  • The amount should be $200 per family.

If you know you are not going to show up and would rather just pay the fee, please be courteous and let us know so we can make arrangements to fill those slots. The point of this is to not be short-handed and give Pulaski a great representation of a well ran program.

Concession Stand Obligations

League Players

2, 2 hour, shifts per family will be required of League players. This includes both Competitive and non-Competitive league players. If you have players in both leagues, you are only required 2 shifts for your family, it is not 2 shifts per league.

  • A family is defined as the email address used for registration and the registered players associated to that email address.
  • If needed, League players can choose to sign up for 1 weekend shift instead of 2 weekday shifts since both would equate to the 4 hours of required volunteer time.
  • A family who has a Head Coach of a League team is exempt from League Concession Duties.

Tournament Team Players

Tournament players will be required to work 1 additional, 4 hour shift per player.

  • This includes 7u, 8u, Competitive League Teams, All Star Teams, 13u A & B, 14u, and 15u players
  • Must be on a weekend (Fri-Sun), but can be any weekend. We understand that some parents want to work the same weekend their child is playing and some would rather work a weekend they are not. We want to give the flexibility to sign up for what works best for you.
  • All Star players will be asked to sign up at a later date once those teams have been set. This will not affect uniform pickup day.
  • A family who has a Head Coach does not need to sign up for a shift for that player. If you have multiple players, you are still required a shift for the players whose teams you are not a Head Coach of.

We apologize for not allowing assistant coaches to be excluded from tournament shift obligations. We understand without you the coaches would not be successful and appreciate that you step up to help but we just do not have the numbers to allow this.


Thank you to each and every one of you that help make our program a success!!