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Recommended Gear & Clothing

By Pulaski Baseball, 03/05/21, 11:30AM CST


New to Baseball? Here is a list of recommended gear & clothing

Recommended Baseball Gear/Clothing

If you are a parent that is new to baseball, you may be wondering what gear do I need to get my athlete! Below is a list of required equipment.

  • Glove
  • Bat (see "How to choose the right bat below)
  • Batting Gloves (not required, but recommended)
  • Baseball Cleats
  • Helmet
  • Bat/Gear Bag
  • White Pants (either full or half length, preferably with red piping)
  • Protective Cup (not required for Tball, optional for Machine Pitch levels)

How to Choose the right bat
To find the right length bat for your child, have them stretch their arms out to the side. Hold the knob of the bat at the middle of their chest, if their fingertips can reach the end of the bat, it is the right length.

Check your League page for a list of rules and any other bat requirements for your child.

Check this link for a detailed guide how to choose the right bat length for your child.