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Top 10 Don't Do's in Pulaski Baseball

By Nate Wotruba, 04/09/18, 3:45PM CDT


This was written for our coaches, but it's a great list for everyone.

  1. Say: “Watch for the curveball or change” We should always be looking fastball & adjust to off-speed, plus this puts us in a defensive frame of mind & we want our kids to be confident & focused on putting a good swing on every pitch.
  2. Say: “Throw Strikes” The proper thing to do is be positive & encouraging. If you give any advice, keep it to one thing, too much information is confusing. Fundamentals in pitching should be taught in practice.  Come game time, it is time to compete and put our practice into action.  
  3. Make Excuses: “The Umpires Lost the Game for Us”: We teach taking responsibility for our play & actions & focus on every game & situation as teachable moment to get better as a team, player & person.  
  4. Scream at our Players: Motivate them, teach them & encourage them to do their best! Strong coaching is fine if you have taught it, practiced it & is a team expectation. If you do raise your voice, find that player before they leave and finish with a positive interaction & explain the constructive criticism. .
  5. Blame a Player for a Loss: This can destroy a player & a team! Be the coach & talk about things that we can do to improve our game. Focus on things you can do as a coach to help them as players get better.  
  6. Ride Umpires & Behave Inappropriately: Pulaski teams will do everything with class & treat everyone involved with the game with the utmost respect. Fans & players will follow your lead. Shake the umpire’s hand at the end of the game as classy & sportsmanlike as you do the other team, no matter the result of the game.    
  7. Dress Inappropriately: Proper clothing should be worn at all times including footwear. Wear Pulaski attire & have athletic shoes, never sandals.  
  8. During Warm-ups say: “Save your energy” We teach to properly warm-up the body & prepare for competition. We want to develop players that are not afraid of hard work. Now, after a game & between games, proper rest is important.
  9. Tolerate Player Misbehavior: Throwing bats or helmets, swearing, not listening to the coach, not hustling. It is expected that players run in after an inning & run out between innings. Hustle at all times! Every ground ball is run out full speed even if out has been secured. Practice it, preach it, demand it & follow through immediately when misbehavior occurs. This is the one time that a player is immediately disciplined--sit the bench.  
  10. Deviate from Our Mission as a Program.  Developing fine young men while participating in a great team sport. Winning a game will never take precedent over doing the right thing! Sportsmanship, integrity, accountability, family, trust, hard-work, character, friendship, and team will be what we hang our hat on.