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Pulaski Line-up for Success

By Nate Wotruba, 04/16/18, 12:15PM CDT


10 Things it Takes NO Talent to Accomplish

  1. Mental Toughness: No hanging heads, we will pick each other up! We will bounce back from disappointment and rise to the top when the chips are down. We will never throw a helmet or put on a show!
  2. Hustle! We will run onto the field between every inning. Every ground ball, every routine flyball will be run out 100%. Make an error and we go all out to get it.
  3. Attitude: Compete, bring your best to the table each & every moment. Practice like you play! We will do all the little things like it is the first time we have learned it. Respect all, fear none!   
  4. Coachability: Eye focus, listening and doing as the coaches instruct--1st time!  
  5. Be Prepared: Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Be on time, have all gear, get proper sleep, take care of body with proper nutrition, be a student of the game.
  6. Class: Behave in a manner to be proud of. Respect & treat others as you wish to be treated. Leave things better than we find things, be a good sport in victory & defeat, use manner--please & thank you, shake hands firmly while looking them in the eye.
  7. Extra Effort: Want more on the field & in life. Take extra BP, doing extra credit work, volunteer to help out, go above & beyond!
  8. Passion & Energy: Love the game! Do the little things right and big things will happen!
  9. Pride: Be accountable for your actions & be a stand up person! Represent your family, team, community & yourself in a manner to be proud of. Demonstrate sportsmanship in good times & bad. .
  10. Unselfishness: Be willing to do whatever is best for the team. Understand what it means to be a good teammate.  

If everyone/everything in this line-up hits a home run, we will succeed as a team on the field & in life. This line-up requires no talent, simply team & individual character!