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Volunteer Position Duties

Volunteer Position Duties

Below is a description of what the duties and expectations are for each of the volunteer positions. Sometimes there are built in overlaps between shifts. If your shift starts before another person’s end, please jump in where needed. This can be checking garbages, bathrooms, making sure things are stocked and neat, checking on field workers etc.

Concession Stand

  • 1 person should be in back grilling
  • 2 people should be stationed in the food area to help fulfill orders and get the items to the window
  • 4 people by the windows. Break this up to what you feel works to best serve our customers as efficiently as possible. The goal is to move the lines along as quickly as possible while maintaining accuracy of their orders and having a friendly staff. If not all 4 people are needed, time can be filled by making sure things are stocked, popcorn is made, etc.
  • 1 person should run the POS system. Please make sure to have someone who is comfortable using an iPad and counting $ assigned to this position
  • If the concession stand is slow, use this time to make sure everything is neat an orderly
  • Fill condiments/clean up that area
  • Wash any dirty dishes
  • Clean up any garbage in the pavilion area

The cleanliness of our concession stand area is the first thing people will see.

  • The first shift of the day will be responsible for setting out all the condiments, making sure the food area is prepped (popcorn made, nescos ready for grill food, etc)
  • The last shift of the day will be responsible for putting all the food and condiments away and washing up any remaining dishes. A concession stand representative will be present to help lock up and make sure everything is set.

Field Work Floater

As part of the park improvement initiatives, you will notice all new score boards at Memorial Park for the 2017 Season.  With this update, we no longer will need volunteers to run the scoreboard during tournaments, they work wirelessly and will be operated by the umpires.  Because of this, the Field Work position has turned into a Field Work Floater who will have the following duties:

  • Be aware of field schedules and when games will be finishing up so you know when you will be needed and where
  • Before the first game of the day, you will be required to help line the fields which includes the baselines, batter’s box, and on deck circles. If you are unsure how to do this, see one of the Pulaski Coach’s that are at the park to assist you.
  • After each game, rake and wet down around home plate and bases where needed. Re-line the batter’s box, on deck circles, and any baselines that need it.
  • If all fields are currently in play, walk around the park and empty any garbage’s that are full, check bathrooms to make sure they are clean and stocked properly, and clean up any lose garbage you see scattered around the park.
  • If you are the last shift of the night make sure the rakes are locked backup, dugouts are clean, and all equipment used to maintain the fields is put away.